Tips On How To Deal with Sexual Performance

sextherapyHaving sex is meant to ensure you feel closer to your partner, satisfied and happy. There are instances when sexual anxiety can ruin the most intimate situation. Both males and females experience sexual anxiety. However, the condition is predominant in men. Men are concerned about ejaculating too fast or experiencing an erection.

On the other hand, women are worried about reaching an orgasm or their body image. It is hard to become intimate while at the same time worrying about spoiling the moment. Sex encompasses the body as well as the mind. Therefore, it is advisable not to worry much during sex. Other causes of performance anxiety include inexperience and social pressure. Below are sexual performance anxiety help tips.

You should practice lovemaking.

Ideally, your partner should be willing to remain intimate with you long term. Having experience with one individual is ideal for curing sexual anxiety. This is because experience informs your mind that despite your abilities, your partner will not leave you. It minimizes the apprehension that your performance during sex will harm your sexual life.

You should discuss it with your partner.

When you experience sexual anxiety, it is wise to discuss it with your partner. Trying to deal with the problem alone can be very disheartening. By doing this, it tends to worsen your anxiety. Tell your partner how you feel when you experience anxiety. In most instances, your spouse will understand and both of you can find a solution.

Since delayed ejaculation has a connection to sexual anxiety, it is vital to find a solution to it too. Here are delayed ejaculation help tips.

You ought to understand his anxiety.

Encouraging your partner to consult a physician is the first step you should undertake. This is for a therapist to treat whichever anxiety disorder he may have and for his hormones to be tested. One of the major causes of delayed ejaculation is anxiety. Some people tend to be separated from their physical being. This is the reason why you should try to remain in your bodily form. A physician will sometimes request you to touch their hand. This is to determine if you are stuck in your physical form. You are able to know if a hand is cold, bumpy, or warm, just by a touch.

Do not subject your partner to shame.

Delayed ejaculation is mostly associated with embarrassment and shame. It is therefore essential to mind your partner’s feelings always. Continued shaming will make the condition worse.

Generally, it is important for you to control your anxiety. Individuals who have anxiety are prone to experience anxiety while in the bedroom. Therefore, no amount of practice can erase that.



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