Spectacular Attraction Sites in Australia

Why do thousands of tourists travel to Australia every year? Well, I had the same question in mind some months before I planned a holiday vacation to Australia. I was eager to know and enjoy what other tourists prefer in the country. We planned a trip with my two friends and we were faced with a couple of tourist attraction destinations in the country to choose from. The place is full of spectacular attraction sites among other interesting things to do. As a matter of fact, a day cannot be enough to tour all the attractions in the country. Cocos Keeling Islands was among our first destination and I must say we had fun.

cocos keeling islandsThe island is located in the middle of Indian Ocean about 2750 kilometers North West of Perth, to the Western part of Australia. It is composed of a group of Islands and 2 atolls that attract a considerable number of visitors. However, out of the 27 coral Islands, only two of them are inhabited with a population of about 600 people while the rest are still waiting for someone to explore them. Being located almost midway between Sri Lanka and Australia, accessing the islands is not a challenge and you can choose any avenue.

You can consider accessing the islands with a plane since there is 1 airport on West Island and receives 3 flights a week from Pearth and a stopover on Christmas Island. The flight will cost you approximately $500 and the time there is 1.5 hours behind the western standard time. You can also access the Islands using a boat which is a common stopover for vessels heading to Mauritius. There is also a ferry that operates between Home Island and the Direction Island on Saturdays and Thursdays. Getting around is also not daunting since there is a local bus service and a number of dealers offering car rental services. Time table of the ferry and the local bus is available at the tourism office and at the duty free shop.

Among the most interesting things around include spectacular snorkeling that you cannot resist, adrenalin rush of kitesurfing, excellent fishing and world class diving as well. You can relax on the empty beaches, watching the interesting bird life, use a canoe to visit remote uninhabited islands or wait for the ferry to travel to home Island to learn more about traditions and culture of the Cocos people. Accommodation is available and you can choose one that meets your lifestyle in a quiet neighborhood. If you are planning to travel to Australia, then do not forget to visit Cocos Keeling Islands worth both your time and money.

Read more about Cocos Keeling Islands: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cocos_(Keeling)_Islands

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