Small in Size but Big in Appeal

Many unforgettable experiences out of town are not always picked up from the huge cosmopolitans and mega cities in America. The country has so much to offer in its small town. In this travel review, take a look of the small towns that are quite huge in appeal.

The Jersey Shore

If you think New York is pretty exciting, think again. You only need to travel by ferry for under one hour to be treated to a whole new dimension of small towns that can sweep you off your feet. The Jersey Shore lines up lovely towns that are characterized with rich historical heritage along with some of the most picturesque beaches in this part of the globe.

Natural Bridge

virigniaIn this sleepy part of Virginia, there’s a circuit that gives color to the surroundings. The Pink Cadillac Diner is an interesting location not just for some gastronomic pleasure. It has features and sights that will fill your eyes, too. For one, there’s King Kong and the Pink Cadillac outside the diner, which serves as nice backgrounds for a beautiful snapshot. For another, there’s the wondrous feast of huge Elvis burger, fries, and coleslaw, served with bottomless pink lemonade.

New Braunfels

This Texan small town exudes in architecture due to its strong German influence. Apart from that, it takes pride as the home to one of the most amazing water parks not just in America but in the world as well. Schlitterbahn is served by the cool waters of Comal River, with great views up and underneath the waters. There is a tube that you can rent to get a taste of downriver. Plus, there are many restaurants lined up outside where you can enjoy the best of German coffee and pastries as well as an eat-all-you-can buffet.


This small town in Tennessee offers a free tour of Jack Daniel’s distillery. But that is not its only allure. Lynchburg exudes the whole small town America spirit. There are brick houses and porched shops all over. What’s more, everyone and everything is friendly. You can enjoy some laidback fun without having to spend so much.

South Haven

Are you fond of berries, blueberries in particular? Then, this is your ultimate haven. South Haven is the source of majority of the US’s blueberries. In fact, it celebrates a Blueberry festival every August. What’s more? There is a sandy beach nearby.

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