Sizzling Bachelorette Parties Up North of Sydney

It’s not so hard to think about bachelorette party ideas these days. Pinterest, for instance, is a treasure trove of ideas when it comes to wedding planning – from the engagement party to the honeymoon and everything else in between. But if you want a really exciting bachelorette party, nothing beats getting those Newcastle strippers up north of Sydney.

bacheloretteAccording to wedding planning experts, renting male dancers was not thought of until the 80s and early 90s. Before that, hen parties involved giving the bride gifts like dishes, silverwares or pots and pans. Giving lingerie was considered too saucy even.

But the brides and their bridesmaids are starting to party as hard as their male counterparts. At times, these bachelorette parties even get rowdier with Central coast strippers.

And why ever not, right? Having muscled men slathered in oil, gyrating to well-known disco tunes like “It’s Raining Men” is so much fun! It may be a cliché since this scene has been seen in movies with male dancers and all but it still is exciting!

With so many weddings happening (there’s probably one every day), it’s not really hard finding these talented and hunky dancers. You’ll probably see several numbers listed on the yellow pages too.

But if you want to get a good look at them before hiring them, check out those Newcastle Strippers websites online. A lot of these sites post the photos of their employees (biceps and abs included, of course) so that you can choose who among them to perform during the party.

If you have planned a theme for the bachelorette gig, make sure the male stripper knows about it so that he can prepare his costume and even the music he’ll dance to.

If you have guests that are a bit conservative, then still hire those handsome Hunter Valley strippers. Just don’t let them strip – not yet, at least. Let them wear nice suits with coattails and top hats and let them act as man servants or butlers during your English tea and cakes party or formal dinner.

If you’re throwing a pool bachelorette party, have these men follow your guests around with an umbrella. Let them be bartenders and waiters serving cold cocktails, giving the ladies dry towels and maybe rubbing some lotion on their backs. It’s going to be super fun.

Once the prudish ones have left, then the party with these gorgeous Newcastle strippers can start!

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