I have lived with obesity problems since I was a kid. It has greatly affected my social life as well as my well-being because I was diagnosed to have type 2 diabetes. My attempts to lose weight through exercise, diets and medications were all failures, and I was so hopeless until my care provider after screening and assessing my obesity problem recommended a weight loss surgery. The surgery was a success and now I’m reaping the benefits of my weight loss surgery. However, to maintain my continued weight loss I’m following medical routine and successfully passed up a gall bladder surgery despite the need for it during the rapid weight loss phase after my surgery.

weightlossMy biggest advantage from my weight loss surgery is that it was done in a reputable clinic for obese with approved and well-skilled surgeons and facilities for recovery and post-surgery care. It is a big factor for my surgery’s best results. It helped me reaped the real benefits of a weight loss surgery even without having a gall bladder surgery or removal. It made me feel and look right. Now I can allow smiles on my face as I continue to do things I enjoy without the fears of being ridiculed and maligned.

My surgery lead me to be more health conscious and I already know the importance of good food as well as  good eating habits and  regular exercise. I know the obstacles like it’s too much, it’s loaded with calories and my being as a more health conscious person took away all the excuses I used to throw in the past.

My surgery targeted a weight loss to affect areas where weight loss is much needed like the thigh, belly, arms and waist and hips. Unlike an open gastric band surgery or a gastric sleeve surgery, my weight loss surgery was a simple stomach reduction procedure where a part of my stomach was cut. The incision is short and in less than a few months, the scar was almost unnoticeable and because it was a simple procedure, I was not subjected to a gall bladder removal or gall bladder surgery.

Now I am telling people not to sit on an obesity problem but rather learn steps of combating it through weight loss surgery. And if you have to think twice about doing something you need to do, you can get help by consulting professionals who can give you clear views regarding how it is a necessity for you to act quickly or to visit an obesity clinic. It paved the way to end my battle with extreme obesity and that allows me that one big and lifetime victory.

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Weight Loss Surgery - My Big and Lifetime Victory over Obesity, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating