vodkaThe delectable goodness of Poland cuisine is always a great reason to take the trip. If you are planning a vacation geared towards the ultimate gastronomic pleasure, we dare say try what’s uniquely Polish. Request for a car rental (wypożyczalnia samochodów) service because such kind of adventure will take you to different parts of the country.

More than Vodka and Dumplings

As opposed to the impression of many, Poland cuisine is more than just about a delectable serving of dumplings and a shot of vodka. However, you should never miss trying both because the experience of the local cuisine would not be complete.

Polish cuisine has evolved through many centuries, mostly due to various historical circumstances. The local cuisine has similarities to French, Italian, and other Central and Eastern European countries. Polish cuisine is heavy on meat, noodles, cereals, and dairy products. It can be described as hearty because their recipes also make heavy use of creams and eggs.

Across the Region

dumplingsThe regional specialties of Poland are quite diverse, depending on the produce of that specific region. One of the most notable that you could not miss is the offerings of the Podhale region. It is very popular for its potato pancakes, also known as placki po góralsku. Sauerkraut soup is another local favorite as well as smoked highlander sheep’s cheese.

Take it to the Streets

The best experience of Polish cuisine can be found on the streets. If you want the authentic taste along with the opportunity to stroll around interesting sights, sampling the street food is the way to go. Ask your car rental (wynajem samochodu) to direct you to the best places where you can enjoy uniquely Polish snacks that you can take on the go.

Some of the must-try includes the Polissh pizza, ice cream, and stuffed pancakes. Obwarzanek, with its unbelievable taste and texture – a cross between a bagel and a pretzel – is another delicious native treat that you can find almost elsewhere. You car rental Gdańsk (wynajem samochodów gdańsk) would not have a difficult time taking you to the spots where it is available because every tourist embedded street would have a vendor offering this popular dish.

Exotic and Unique

Poland has so much to offer as well in terms of exotic dishes that will give your palate a complete turnaround. If you have the guts, you should try the country’s wild berries and mushrooms turned into delectable treats. If you are wilder than wild, there is also duck’s blood broth cooked in vinegar and seasoned tripe with vegetables.

Happy eating!

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