Beautiful and unique weddings in Melbourne are testimonials how the best wedding photographers in Australia work and how they’re able to set trends in wedding photography in Melbourne and across Australia. It is also out of these wedding projects that wedding predictions are made and based on particular wedding project of top Melbourne wedding photographers. Oftentimes, each works differently and each set tends differently, too.

The casual and outdoor wedding photographers


Casual and outdoor weddings are being predicted to set the mood of weddings in Australia in 2016 and in the coming years. Photography in casual weddings usually has wedding photographers have their brides in causal wedding dress, which is oftentimes in cocktail wedding dresses. The whole wedding entourage is in less formal dresses, and the mood of the day is cool and casual. There’s so much playfulness in wedding portraits showing couples enjoying each other in casual and impromptu shots. Outdoor receptions and outdoor backgrounds enhance the casual settings in casual and outdoor wedding photography in Melbourne.

The minimalist wedding photographers

Minimalist wedding photographers love the timeless journalistic images so that they employ journalistic details in capturing wedding images. They put emphasis on wedding structures such as the “wedding dress”, and wedding moments like, “The Kiss”, “The Wine Toast”, and use wedding emotions and reactions as photography storyboard. Minimalist wedding photography in Melbourne literally strips out the overstaying and instead, stay focused on the structures of the details of the wedding.

New rules setters

The best photographers in Australia aren’t change spoilers so they easily compromise to the new rules in weddings such as black color (or other colors) for a wedding dress, live footages on the reception, orthodox prenuptial shots, untraditional wedding backgrounds for the best wedding photos, and whatever the couple wants on their wedding ceremony and shots. Oftentimes, these are green weddings, eco-friendly, etc. This kind of photographer willingly works with same-sex marriages – forgetting about the “old rules”.

Personal and extensive photographers

Wedding photography is not just for a day. The best photographers in Melbourne love extending their work and capture their brides and grooms in additional activities after or before the wedding. This type of photographer is setting the “Elopement” trend in wedding photography where couples’ moments are shot detailing their commitment while being alone by themselves.

Wedding photographers in Melbourne and across Australia aren’t just working but enjoying a passion that allow them to bring out the best in every wedding moment and that’s precisely how a beautiful wedding is made immortal and unforgettable.

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