There’s no denying that wagyu beef is making the rounds for foodies all over the world. Are you curious what difference “wagyu” makes? Will tell you that and it includes the best wagyu beef Australia shop to trust for your tasty, mouthwatering steak recipes.

The wagyu difference

wagyu2Wagyu beef is naturally taken from a breed of cattle known as “wagyu”, which literally means “Japanese cow”. This breed is carefully looked after and is genetically predisposed to ensure that it has unique marbling that keeps it a stand out. There were several other versions of the wagyu cattle in Japan. Some are even named after the area they were from. One of the more popular among the bunch is Kobe beef.

But, a wagyu cattle is no longer just concentrated in Japan. There are also other countries that have taken the breed seriously, they are aware of its promising market. One of those countries is Australia. Outside of Japan, the largest wagyu association is located in the country down under. That’s why it is common to find wagyu beef Australia as flavorful and high quality if not more.

Australian breeders consider the wagyu cattle precious. That’s why they are grain-fed exclusively for the last 300 to 500 days. Red wine is even added to the feed to make the meat even more delicious. No wonder, everyone digs wagyu beef Australia, not just the locals but also those from Germany, Denmark, USA, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other countries.

Wagyu beef is considered very precious because it is intensely marbled. The marbling is notable not just because of the number of layers in every slice. The marbling is also classified as mono-saturated fats, which is a healthier kind. It also contains both omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and has lower cholesterol levels than regular beef.

Aside from being much healthier, wagyu beef for sale are highly in demand due to the quality of its taste. If you cook it the right way, you are in for melts-in-your-mouth goodness like no other. This beef variety cooks best at medium temperature for a short period of time. It is best eaten rare to medium rare. Cooking it well done will melt the marbling and will affect the beef’s tenderness and richness.

Another difference is the price. Wagyu steaks and burgers are a tad pricey. That’s because wagyu beef price is higher than commodity beef. Depending on the cut and the size of meat, this type of beef can be cooked and enjoyed in different ways – grilled, pan seared, or roasted.

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