If you or anyone whom you love and know is referred by a primary care doctor to seek a mental behavior specialist or a psychologist, is a normal reaction to get confused or worry of.  However, seeking help for mental health concern is as normal as seeking help from primary care health provider, as psychologist in Sydney is a medical professional that helps people cope with mental and behavior concerns. Here’s how clinical and counseling psychology practice works in helping people regarding moods, thoughts and behaviors.


Your psychologist in Sydney on initial visit is likely to ask questions about patient’s mood, thoughts and behaviors, and things like when the first symptom happened, and how it has affected patient’s daily life. It is recommended that you come with a relative to comment on your mood behavior or to answer questions regarding your moods, behavior, and thoughts to help your psychologist make a good initial assessment and recommendations for treatments or counseling.

Before the appointment

It is important to prepare before your appointment to your psychologist in Sydney and a list will help your psychologist make a good assessment. You can include the following in the list:

  1. Symptoms you noticed or the people around you have noticed and for how long
  2. Any traumatic event or major stress such as loss of loved one, separation that happened before the symptoms
  3. Medical history or physical and mental health information
  4. Medicines and drug prescriptions including vitamins and supplements
  5. Any questions to ask about patient’s mental health such as the type of mental illness the patient might have and on types of therapy that can help treat the patient such as relationship therapy for patients suffering anxiety or depression symptoms because of loss or separation from a loved one.

Test and diagnosis

A psychologist will make diagnosis after submitting patients to the following:

Physical examination – Your psychologist will give you physical examination before ruling out physical problems as the cause of anxiety or depression or behavior or mood changed.

Lab test – your psychologist may order lab test to assess thyroid function or screening for alcohol and drugs for abuse

Psychological evaluation – your psychologist may ask you to fill up questionnaire to assess your behavior patterns, moods and thoughts and symptoms as well.

Determining and diagnosing the mental illness

Only after your psychologist has made an accurate diagnosis by referring to the symptom, mood, and behavior assessment, he/she can determine the type of mental illness the patient is suffering from. From the diagnosis, recommendation for treatment such as parenting help, counseling and medications or drugs.

Mental health is as important as our physical well-being and seeking help earlier prevents the worst scenario.

Getting a counseling help does not necessarily mean you are already insane. So, don’t hesitate when you need one. Go for it, and go for http://www.goodmood.com.au/.

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