Health care has been one of the main concerns of people nowadays. It talks about not only the diagnosis but also the prevention and treatment of various diseases and illnesses. At present, there are a lot of people who are encouraged to try and enter the world of healthcare jobs. If you are one of those who wish to be in this kind of medical profession, you are in luck since in this day and age, health care industry is considered to be one of the most in demand and sought after careers to be involved in. There are actually four major classifications of health care providers. Maybe the following can enlighten you.

Primary Health Care Providers

health nurseThis includes medical doctors who are in general practice. They are the ones who specialize in internal medicine, paediatrics and family medicine. Those doctors who specialize in obstetrics and gynaecology are also part of this classification since most of the time; women consider them as their primary health care provider.

Nurse practitioners who graduated from nursing courses and are not only licensed but with advanced clinical education are also considered primary health care providers. They have the knowledge and capability to be involved in paediatrics, geriatrics, adult care and family medicine.

A physician assistant with the instructions of medical doctors is also a primary health provider.


This is one of the most in demand healthcare jobs at this time. Registered nurses are licensed who took and have passed board examinations provided by specific states.

There are also licensed practical nurses who are caregivers that also took an exam given by the state. They are very well trained, knowledgeable and skilled to care for the sick.

Midwives and clinical nurse specialists are also included in this kind of health care providers.


Pharmacists are trained and licensed to understand, prepare and process medical doctor’s prescriptions. They are the ones who make sure that patients take safe and effective medicines.

There are also healthcare jobs that have certain specializations such as an anaesthesiologist who is an expert in some pain control and giving anaesthesia and a dermatologist who specializes in various skin problems.

If you really aspire to be a health care provider, there are aged care courses Gold Coast that you can enroll in. In these programs, you will be trained how to take care and provide the special needs of old and aged people.

Health care jobs are in demand, if you want to be employed on this field, visit for more information.

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