Personal Alarms: A Help in just a Push of a Button

There are times that we go on travel for leisure or business, but sometimes, we worry about our elderly who will be left alone at home. Our elders are fragile and they need someone attending their needs or at least assist them. In times when we need to travel leaving them alone, thanks to certain emergency devices that we can rely on – elderly personal alarm.

medical_alert1Personal medical alarms can provide help and immediate response to those with particular needs, especially the seniors. With the device, it keeps the lines open or instant communication between the elder and the provider. Moreover, the device can provide efficient and quick response to personal emergencies such as falls or slips through radio indicators or prompt dialing to alert the nominated individuals.

Today’s medical alert system varies in designs. But, it can be worn as a wristband, a pendant or can be clipped to the clothes for easier access. Although a medical alarm may not be needed when your elderly has a caregiver or personal nurse, this can still be useful during nighttime when the elder needs to go to the bathroom or elsewhere. However, if you will be traveling and leaving your old parent at home, an elderly personal alarm may be provided for him or her so that when accidents arise, someone would attend to the need.

How the device works?   

Personal alarms can be activated either by pulling a string or by pushing a switch that immediately dials the numbers nominated to provide assistance or help or it can also be done by dialing a special control unit. Dialing the special control unit functions as a direct assistance staff, which may discreetly sends a member of the staff to help the elderly or calls out the numbers of the individuals nominated to receive the alarm.

Nominated numbers

While most of the time, the primary nominated numbers are those of the immediate family or a caregiver, a seniors personal alarm feature can be modified.  For instance, when you are overseas and unable to receive calls or impossible to attend to your elder’s needs, you can actually modify the nominated numbers whom you think can promptly receive and answer the call. Of course, make sure these individuals personally know the elderly and his/her condition.

Elderly personal alarm is indeed very useful and flexible for our elders who mostly need our attention. Considering one is worth a buy than letting our loved one senior unattended while we are away.

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