Your Perfect Destination: Thailand beaches

What is your preference for a great holiday? Is it going to exotic places with great food and culture, and at the same time, having the beach close by for some swimming and diving adventures? If yes, then it is time for you to book one of those perfect Thai villas.

More and more tourists are discovering the beauty and the perfection that they find in the beaches of Thailand. What is even greater than the scenery are the much lower prices. In fact, for those coming from Western countries will be surprised that Thai villas for rent would actually cost only a fraction of the villas in European or Hawaiian beaches. In fact, living a luxurious life here would not break your bank.

Couple on a beachSo if you are looking for relaxation and privacy during your vacation, then start searching for Thai villas for you and your family.

The advantage of staying in a villa instead of a hotel is of course, the feeling that you are in your own place, and that you do not have to worry about being bothered by other guests. Some Ko Samui villas even offer your own private pool or access to the beach just outside your door. You can still expect the same service and amenities as with a hotel, with concierge services, nothing but the most delicious meals prepared for you and other services that leave you with nothing to worry about except decide how to spend your days.

Whether you are planning for your honeymoon, a family trip to the beach or even that holiday with your friends, Phuket villas will answer to all your needs. There is enough space regardless of how many you are together. With numerous activities to enjoy around the island, from scuba diving to snorkeling and even just strolling along the white sand, you should make sure to plan and book more than just a couple of days in this paradise.

Through portals or tour guides, you can search and book your Thai villas for your next holiday in the beach. Not only is it a world away from the busy city where you crave for fresh air and quiet, but it will also rejuvenate your spirits that may need rest from work and stress. Your dream of sitting under a sun with your spouse and that cocktail on your hand and your kids swimming in your own private pool will come true soon enough.

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Have a Blast on a Bali Family Holiday

Bali is not only an ideal honeymoon getaway. It can also be a nice escape for travelling families, especially since Bali luxury villas are very kid-friendly.

Bali for kids

Depositphotos_21790407_s-2015The main consideration during family holidays usually circles around the young companions. Keeping children comfortable and entertained are very important to make sure that the entire vacation will not be ruined. Don’t despair. For as long as you are able to choose among the best Bali luxury villas around, you will have one less worry. With an accommodation that will provide your child’s homey comfort, everything else will follow.

It is also a good thing that Bali presents a handful of destinations that are kid friendly. First, there’s a treetop adventure that you can share with your kids in Tabanan. It will help exhaust their energy, giving them a good swing after a good rest in your Bali luxury villa. Second, there’s Waterbom, an incredible waterpark that can offer lots of thrilling activities. Third, you may roam around the amazing Tree House at the Batudawa Karangasem and explore it in all its positive craziness.

Other kid-friendly attractions that are worth checking out, which are not too far from luxury Bali villas include the Big Tree Farms Bamboo Chocolate Factory, Warung Rekreasi Bedugul, Nusa Dua, Gallery Trick Art 3D, Bali Equestrian Centre, The Pirate’s Bay, and the Night Safari at Bali Safari & Marine Park.

The great thing about Bali is that it is never short of something to offer for tourists of all ages. It always has something for everyone. The best villas in Bali, for example, were tailored to meet specific sets of needs and requirements. The tourism experts understand how important accommodation is, possibly even more important if there are considerations of having children on board. But, they did not sit with that alone. They were also able to develop attractions that will please all generations.

Bali is a power-packed destination. It offers an array of thrilling attractions and heart-thumping activities that will take your adrenaline to greater heights. Having said so, you should not be afraid to book your entire family for an extraordinary experience of this part of Indonesia.

If you make a nice travel plan, you will never have to worry about anything. First, find a nice spot where you can rent villas in Bali. After securing your accommodation, look for sights and sounds that will keep your family entertained, relaxed, and overall happy.

Bali is a perfect destination for everyone, and more to a vacationing family. When travelling Bali with the full family pack, a perfect accommodation that fits it is a villa. Book with

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Tips When Looking for a Hotel in Parkes


Parkes is a place in New South Wales, Australia where businessmen can hold meetings. It has numerous buildings with conference halls perfectly designed for meetings and other business affairs. You can also choose from the cheapest motels Parkes where you can stay during your stay. There are also many attraction sites in the area that business people like you can take advantage of while there. Among the sites that you must not miss are Gold Trails, Forbes and district Historical Society Museum, Condobolin Railway Museum, Utes in the Paddock, Gum Bend Lake, Mount Tilga, and Kings Grave – Goobothery Monument.

Of course, you need to have an affordable hotel accommodation with high quality services, facilities and amenities. Consider the tips below when looking for one:

Ask business colleagues

For sure, you have colleagues in your primary work that have been in the area and have tried the best hotels without them paying huge amount of money. They can give you some names of hotels that have given them wonderful experience during their stay. This is the easiest and most convenient way of looking for a hotel especially if you don’t have time and are in a hurry. You will surely end up with motel Parkes that will not disappoint you.

Check the web

You surely have one of the many mobile devices available today. You can use your smartphone, tablet or laptop to browse online and check for the best hotels that offer the best deals. One factor you can highly consider when deciding is the customer review. If one or some of the hotels you have stumbled upon have gained a lot of positive reviews from the customer, then you can highly consider them and actually contact anyone of them immediately. It is most practical to have your hotel accommodation booked before your flight schedule. This relieves you of the hassles and stresses that you may get when you cram to book an accommodation. Doing it early can give you time to choose from the cheapest motels Parkes.

There is actually a long list of hotel booking sites where you can choose from. The search is very easy because you can search by just typing the location such as Parkes. This instantly narrows down your search and it won’t eat much of your time.

Don’t compromise quality

You may be able to find hotels with very cheap rates but they may not have the quality that you are looking for. Don’t consider them especially if you are looking for hotels Elvis Festival NSW. You will not surely enjoy the festival if you are staying in a poorly constructed and managed accommodation. For sure, there are affordable yet with high quality hotels near the venue of the festival.

With these tips, you can still end up with the best accommodation from the cheapest motels Parkes that you have considered. You will have a great experience doing your business in Parkes and enjoying the place and events like Elvis Festival.

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What’s the Big Deal in Private and Beautiful Villas as Accommodation for a Holiday Trip in Bali?

Depositphotos_42769817_s-2015Where you stay in your destination oftentimes, describe the kind of traveler you are. If you stay in a private and beautiful villa especially when in Bali dictates that you have style, taste, and money to burn. A traveler may ask, what is the big deal in private beautiful villas and the likes of Bali luxury villas? Here’s what.

The best location and views

A private and beautiful villa usually situated in prime locations where community has the best views, facilities, and security. Seminyak is considered a prime location in Bali and if you happen to stay in one of the best villas in Seminyak, you can feel the big difference. For one, the surrounding is with complete security besides being clean and free from ugly obstructions such as electrical lines and posts. Tenants usually enjoy beautiful tropical gardens with native plants blooming with beautiful flowers and foliage. The like of Bali luxury villas located in prime beach areas enjoy the cool breeze and great views of the oceans. Since most are in prime locations, accessibility is also of prime standing meaning you’re closer to fine dining restaurants, plush business establishments, and attractions.

The best amenities

When you stay in private best villas in Bali, chances are you have private pool with the best and ultra-chic design and usually with broad sun decks for night or day swimming parties and entertaining. There are uninterrupted internet and wifi connections. Living rooms are spacious and the kitchen area is furnished with modern appliances for private cooking. There’s bar provision and entertainment appliances like LED TV, video recorder and gaming devices.  Those with private rent villas in Bali also enjoy gaming rooms with billiard tables and tables for card games like poker and blackjack while enjoying surroundings are with ultra-chic interiors. Sleeping areas are with bedroom suites with private baths, showers and toilets.

The best services

Tenants of private beautiful Bali luxury villas can either choose self-catered or catered services then live like a king for their entire stay in Bali. You don’t worry on usual daily chores, as there are staffs that will do them for you. It is also an option to request a private chef to cook gourmet food for you and your guests. Your host is also there to take care of all of your needs like private cars and drivers or nanny for the kids. You can also avail spa therapist to come and give you pampering and relaxing massage or a yoga or fitness instructor for your fitness needs.

Staying in private and beautiful villas is vacationing in style that fits in a lifestyle that best describe you.

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Traveling to Australia is Always Exciting and Life-changing

A tourist visiting Australia for the first time should make a list of things to do to enjoy the most of his short stay in one of the most visited countries in the world. He can also book a package tour and just sit back and relax while enjoying Australia’s attractions since most packaged tours have itineraries and activities designed to meet Australian tourists’ expectations. If you’re more of the adventurous, self-driving in Australia is an experience to be savored as there are more destinations that are away from the usual tourists’ trails and can only be experienced with a car from a car hire in Melbourne.visit_aus2

A tourist traveling to Australia with intention to drive in enjoying different destinations must be well prepared and must fully understand the driving and road rules in Australia. If he will be driving around the cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, and Darwin, he can expect roads to be sealed and well-maintained. Highways and roads that connect states and territory capitals are also of same conditions. All are sign-posted appropriately with marked rest areas. A tourist driving a car from car hire Melbourne and heading to the remote areas known as the OUTBACK must be prepared for long driving and possibility of no stopping for fuel refill, toilets, or refreshments. However, planning the trip as to where to stop for gas and food will save the day.

Like Sydney, Melbourne is a vibrant city in Australia, and a tourist visiting for the first time can have a lot of things to do in the city with sightseeing tours or by joining bike or walk trails or exploring the city’s bars and restaurants. For exotic Melbourne nightlife, a car hire Melbourne is a ready ride when hopping from one bar to another famous Melbourne watering holes. Melbourne is also with the best hotels and accommodation that makes staying in the city a great experience.

Moreover, Perth is among the top cities, and a tourist heading to stay here for less than 3 weeks can have the most of the experience by driving with rental car. While having a remote location, the city is loaded with restaurants with variations of fine and casual dining. Perth’s pearly beaches serve as playgrounds for the beach lovers with water activities like sailing, swimming, fishing and boating to pass off the day. A car hire Perth is a good option for visiting Perth’s favorite beaches like Cottesloe, City beach and Rockingham beach.

If you’re a tourist traveling to Australia either for the first or nth time, you can expect to have exciting adventures and always with something to identify as a life-changing and one of a kind.

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Top Four Literary Bars in New York City

Would you like to sling back shots of tequila in between reads from a riveting Jane Austen novel, or maul over details of your own salacious novel sipping a cold glass of Chardonnay? If so, then you are one of the few remaining literary geniuses of our time [with a penchant for alcohol] and should nurture and refine this knack you have for books by hobnobbing with fellow word smiths . The only places where you are likely to have life-altering experiences is the literary bars in New York.


The first place you should definitely have a look into is a renowned bar called Pete’s Tavern which dates back to 1964 and has remained open for business ever since. With it’s pressed tin, carved wood, first time New York visitors will not be disappointed as it has that classic dark aura. Pete’s has the bragging rights of being made famous by American author O. Henry, not to mention that this bar featured in one of his short stories then as it was the bar was then called Healy’s. This bar is a watering hole for NYU students and post-theatre couples alike which is not surprising considering its famed mammoth burgers. It is a historical landmark and the longest operating bar and restaurant in New York.

The second place which is simply sine qua non to visit on your tour around the big apple is guaranteed to sharpen your literary mind is Blue Bar. Also known as Algonquin, this place is celebrated for being the venue where the ‘Vicious Circle’ rallied in the 1920’s. This famed group consisted of renowned journalists, actors and local writers who styled themselves as the ‘Algonquin Round Table’. Those who frequented the bar include: Robert Benchley, George S. Kauffman, Dorothy Parker, Heywood Broun and Harold Ross who was the New Yorker magazine founder. In modern day New York it is nestled in circa-1933 and if you listen carefully you can still hear the mellifluous laughter reverberating from the walls from the ‘Vicious Circle’.

Third place that you definitely must consider is the White Horse Tavern. This bar boasts of an opulent bohemian past which dates back 100 years. It is in this bar that the grievous incident happened which brought to an end the life of accomplished poet and writer, Dylan Thomas who guzzled his last drink here and staggered off in the morning to his death. Which is why it’s no surprise that this place is ever teeming with college who seek some relief from their studies with beer, spirits, burgers and fried food.

The fourth literary bar and restaurant, The Half King is bound to tickle your fancy as it is owned by writers Scott Anderson, Sebastian Junger as well as director and producer Nanette Burstein. With it’s décor being a cross between British pub and American grub, and the best selection of beer on tap for miles, it comes as no surprise that it’s packed to capacity every night with an equal dose of testosterone and oestrogen. Put your reading glasses on, because Mondays nights are devoted to intimate readings by today’s leading writers. This Chelsea pub also caters to tranquil readers with it’s muted back gardens where you can revel in a delectable shepherd’s pie.

So if you want to experience literature at it’s best, visit literary bars in New York, travel to New York.

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What Awaits Family Trip to Hamilton Island

Traveling with family once a year can be an awesome bonding time to break the daily routine. It is a healthy way to rekindle those lost times when parents are always out for work while the kids are in school. Exploring one of New Zealand’s best islands through car hire will provide your traveling from one landmark to another with flexibility.

When traveling Hamilton with the whole family, for sure there will be no wasted bonding time because the city has so many things to offer fit for all ages. One place to put in the itinerary is the Hamilton Gardens where most tourists flock because of its stunning views of different collection of gardens to name – Productive, Paradise, Cultivar, Landscape and Fantasy.


From Hamilton Gardens, you may opt to visit with car hire in Hamilton the Waikato Museum. The Museum features a gallery of New Zealand’s arts, history and designs. Aside from satisfying your eyes, there is also a shop where you can take home arts souvenirs. However, if you and your spouse are healthy buffs and love jogging, cycling or walking, the Waikato River Trails or Walkway can be your perfect place. You may also opt boat-watching with the kids or simply unwind and just relax, your choice.

Further, Hamilton Zoo is another tourist spot for families. It dwells more than 600 sorts of animals – exotic and native. The kids would enjoy watching those various animals from chimpanzees, red pandas, giraffes, rhinos, tigers and more. Aside from these various animals, anyone will be awed with the zoo’s landscape that comprises of beautiful garden with plants and colorful flowers. For the car enthusiasts, Hamilton also offers a car museum that displays cars from long time ago – vintage and also those pedal cars.

Booking ahead with car hire when traveling to New Zealand particularly in Hamilton Island gives you not just the liberty of hassle-free travel, but provides comfort to your companions especially when the kids are with you. Most likely, your itinerary is more flexible, thus, you can easily drop off to nearby spots or along the road sceneries. Or, when one of your companions suddenly needs to pee or gets hungry, stop-overs would be possible. Indeed, car hire in New Zealand offers an easy platform of booking your car on your chosen date of travel. You also have the option to pick the brand of the car you trust for those meticulous ones.

When you choose to explore Hamilton city or other cities in New Zealand, always consider the most convenient way to roam around with ease and comfort.

There’s nothing more comfortable than exploring in a private car, book ahead to save, visit

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Sweden: The unique and Unusual Hotels In The World

Sweden, a country in the Scandinavian Peninsula, has some of the sui generis class of hotels in the world. They are unique, singular places to stay; they are a notch higher in luxury, originality and design. Below are the most unusual hotels in Sweden:

Sala Silvermine Suite

sala_silvermineYou have the opportunity to sleep 155 meters below, in an underground suite. Sala Silvermine is among the best worlds unique preserved sites. The underground has a spectacular view of vast caverns, winding galleries and magic lakes. The site is beautiful, damp, cold and dark. The site was a silver mine, produced more than, 40,000 and 400 tons of lead and silver respectively.

The Jumbo Jet Hotel

The first property in a retired 747 Jumbo Jet converted into a cockpit accommodation and hotel. There is a choice of budget, en-suite rooms, three-bed combo or twin. The luxury suite, formerly the cockpit gives a panoramic view of the airport. The 1st class lounge in now a funky conference room with a capacity of 8 people.

IceHotel, Kiruna

The hotel in northern Sweden is the world largest hotel made of ice and snow. It covers an area of 5500 square meters with a capacity of 60 rooms. The temperature inside the hotel is maintained above 23 Fahrenheit throughout. You have a lifetime chance to sleep in a sleeping bag; the hotel operates from December 10 to April 18.

Treehotel, Harads

Heralds Tree Hotel is a unique and exciting work by the best architects and designers. The unique and fun living concept has been a cause of sensation and pushed to the edge the innovative modern designs. The hotel opened in 2010, has six rooms, sleeping in these rooms gives you a smell of the forest, bird melodies, and the wind through the treetops.

Salt & Sill Hotel, Tjorn

Salt & Sill Hotel is the Sweden first floating hotel, in the pristine archipelago on the west coast. The hotel has one suite and 23 rooms each with an outdoor Jacuzzi. The hotel offers freshly caught seafood. The hotel prides itself with the fastest sauna and Herring Platter, which has put the hotel in the global limelight.

Hotel Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

The hotel opened its doors in the historic building that dates back to 1699. The hotel is in the vibrant Stockholm city. It has a surrounding of spectacular nature view and the situation on the waterfront. The hotel has a quiet atmosphere and incredible old world spirit and ambiance. It has Swedish contemporary art, cuisine, music, and fashion.

See reviews about this hotel:

Utter Inn Vasteras

This is another underwater hotel; it floats on Lake Malaren, which is 60 kilometers from city Stockholm. The hotel has underwater room and floating bridge; the room can accommodate two people. The room situated 3 meters below, offers a spectacular view of the aquarium with the fish around you. The hotel offers rowboat services to enjoy the view and visit the surrounding islands.

Kolarbyn Ecolodge, Skinnskatteberg

This is Sweden most primitive hotel; it offers a natural solace for silence, adventure and wilderness. The little 12 huts and the forest environment are incredible. The hotel hosts special events and offers guided tours to see the wolf, moose, and lynx

Sweden has a lot to offer, including the 24,000 islands, fika culture, and above all the unique hotels, which are enough reasons to travel to Sweden.

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Shopping for Souvenir Items in Astounding Australia

soft_gothic1Vacationing in the continent of Australia is always an amazing experience that is why visitors keep coming back when there is an opportunity. Touring around, however, is never complete without spending some time for souvenir shopping. For those who are fond of souvenir items under the jewelry line, you will be delighted to step into shops that sell punk jewellery in the form of charms and trinkets. Whether you are touring the city centre or the suburb areas, souvenir stores are scattered everywhere. You won’t have a difficult time finding what you want because products are sorted accordingly from handmade art to native bags and purse, colorful plush toys to miniature ornaments.

Punk jewellery is one of the many interesting gifts you can bring home if you have friends and relatives who are aficionados of gothic jewels and stuff. And if you yourself love collecting punk-design earrings and bracelets, you can easily find them at the largest tourist precincts and markets near top tourist destinations.

While in Sydney, grab some time to visit ‘The Rocks’ at the downtown area. ‘The Rocks’ is a popular weekend market place that is flocked by locals and tourists for some shopping spree. In here, all sorts of souvenir products are displayed such as locally designed shirts, skull pendants, fridge magnets and wooden bowls. Should you be exhausted during your shopping escapade, you can take a break and enjoy some thirst-quenching drinks and a variety of diet-friendly sandwiches at the food fare area.

Australia is visited by thousands to millions of tourists every year. Apart from the overwhelming number of tourist destinations, souvenir shops are also abundant. When in Brisbane, souvenir stores are found at the South Bank Markets. And if you are in Perth, the famous Salamanca Markets is worth a visit. In Melbourne, the iconic Queen Victoria Market is a great place for souvenir shopping. Gift items come in tons that you will have to spread your vision if you want to grab the ‘best-buys’. You can shop for collectible articles such as silver studs, necklaces and bangles at very affordable prices. Bring home as many as you want.

Your love for punk jewellery can still be fulfilled while travelling around the lovely cities of Australia. Any time of the year is great however, summer time is when the most tourists come. Therefore, consider a season that you find the most convenient for touring.

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Explore off-beat Namibia

One of the lesser known, less travelled destinations of the world would be Namibia. Destinations like Europe, Australia could be far more popular but if you haven’t yet gone to Namibia then you have missed out on one of the most spectacular and breath-taking place of Africa – Namibia. Usually people skip out on this place due to much more exciting places of Africa like Mozambique, Zambia, but

travel_NamibiaWhere else can you find such contrasting and scenic landscapes – deserts, oceans, mountains and dunes? It wouldn’t be inappropriate to say Namibia is a paradise for visitors. But then again, planet earth is full of wondrous and gorgeous places. Whether you want to explore the wild jungles or the red dunes or the mountains for hiking you must travel to Namibia and try out the wildest activities you could ever do!

The best season for visiting Namibia depends on what you would like to do and what you would like to visit. Although the weather remains pleasant and dry throughout the year and it’s good to visit throughout the year. The weather remains especially pleasant from April to May with lush greenery and cool weather. Also, the risk for catching malaria is quite low at this time and it’s perfect for game viewing at the Etosha National park. If you are interested in bird watching, travel to Namibia during the summers. Namibia boasts of over 700 species of birds and world’s largest population of rhinos. And that’s not just the beginning, you can spot owls, lions, elephants and cheetahs. To truly appreciate the beauty, rent a car and drive around the entire country and absorb the beauty it has to offer. The town of Swakopmund is a must see beach town renowned for its German culture which still has the colonial architecture. It has some of the highest dunes in the world and perfect for quad biking and sand borders. The major attractions of Namibia are Sossusvlei, Fish River canyon, Moringa forest n Etosha, Etosha National Park, Windhoek, Swakopmund, Waterburg Plateau National Park, Namib Rand Private Game Reserve and the Namib-Naukluft National Park. For star gazers, Namib and Damaraland offer clear skies and a great space to explore the vastness of the sky.

The landscape is quite good enough to suit the faint hearted as well as the daredevils. You can try out relaxing sports like golf, horse riding, jungle safaris and wildest activities like sand skilling, ballooning, paragliding, abseiling, hiking, kite surfing and rock climbing to name a few. Even if you just watch the rustic desert, you would still marvel at the beauty Namibia is!

Namibia is still an uncharted territory and untouched by unwanted development. It is an off-beat travel destination and is only starting to find its own in the huge tourism industry. It also draws a lot of influence from Germany, Portugal and you can find a mix of cultures which includes Portugese, German and Himba (tribal population who still follow traditional lifestyle). And if you love beer, you should definitely try the beer which is brewed here and follows a brewing methodology so close to German style that even Germans will love this beer! So book your tickets to Namibia and head on to the wildest journey of your dreams.

Read more about Namibia:

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