Australia Best Places To Havest Cherries & Apples

Apples are generally grown in all major states in Australia and i will take you there to the major regions in these states where they harvest apples. Western Australia state has to regions Manjimup/ Donny brook located 220 km south of Perth and is the largest apply producer in western Australia. Peth hills located averagely 30-minutes drive from Perth suburbs. the two areas have cooler nights and warmer summer days and best known for Cripps pink apple.

cherrypickerNew South Wales state which is second largest producer after Victoria state boasting of three regions to pick from that is orange, Bilpin& Forbes and Batlow. These regions are found on the Western slopes of great dividing range. These areas have a cool chilling and high rainfall climate. Batlow region is considered the premium apple growing region in Australia. The regions are known for the red delicious apple variety.

Queensland state having one region that is the granite belt around Stanthorpe. Its known to have the lowest temperatures and cool summer climates producing large juicy apples coming third in apple production in Australia with varieties ranging from Delicious Stripped Red, Royal Gala, Granny Smith and Cripps pink apples.

South Australia state which has most apple orchards being family owned and run with regions including Adelaide Hills centered on Lens wood valley with good clay/ loam soils and high rainfall, River land which is 250 km to north-east of Adelaide region and Limestone coast 450 km south east of Adelaide.

Tasmania state that has pristine environment with one main district Huon district where apples are produced.

Victoria state that is the largest growing region with regions such as Goulburn valley, Harcourt, Yarra valley Gippsland and Stanley. main variety harvested here include Cripps Pink, Granny Smith, Cripps Red and Galla.

When looking for the best places to find good cherry in Australia the different regions and States are as follows Wandin, Wangarrati, Shepparton regions in Victoria state. Young and Orange regions in New South Wales state, Adelaide hills in south Australia and north and southern regions in Tasmania state in Australia. Also Queensland and Western Australia form the major growing cherry fruit producers. The different varieties of cherry include empress, Early Burlat, Merchants Vista, Black Douglas, Williams Favorite and many more being highly produced due to market pressure.

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