jennI am a self-confessed traveler whiz. I have searched far and wide for the most interesting sights and sounds that will enrich my soul with greatness. I am Jenny McCormick and I am a passionate overland traveler.

For the past 10 years that I have been traveling across the globe, I have already visited close to 30 countries from three different continents. The experience was truly amazing – witnessing colorful, different cultures, seeing wondrous sights, and being with interesting people. I came up with this blog to chronicle all of those great experiences and give others the inspiration to have a taste of the surroundings as well.

When you travel, you do not have to be always out of town or out of the country. You can visit a place different from your surroundings and you will already be transported to a different dimension. Every new experience is exciting, whether it comes up good or not. It gives you a different insight on the world you live in. Whenever I’m on the move, I long for that unique insight on how the world is according to a new place I am in. I do hope you will find time to experience the same as well.

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